Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake

»Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake« is about a German holiday region called the Black Forest. It is renowned for pretty mountains, panorama views and picturesque villages – the perfect idyll. Everywhere you see looks like it should be on a postcard and tourism became a major source of income in the region. It is also a place where the people are anchored in their beliefs and traditions. From the outside it is a world that appears to be unchanged and undamaged by modernity. However, the Black Forest also appears to be a bit stuck in this cliché. In recent years tourists have been going to more exotic destinations and the tourist industry in the Black Forest has slowly been fading. In my photo essay I aimed to capture these aspects and offer personal perspective on a region whose mysticism is slowly fading.
I invite the viewer to explore the question: Who needs this kind of perfect world anymore?


In collaboration with graphic designer Sascha Fronczek
hardcover, handcrafted marbled endpaper, 
thread binding, 16,5 x 23,5cm
132 pages, 85 photographs


> »the donkey«-portrait, published in »Die ZEIT«, June 2017
> shortlisted and shown during the Riga Photo Month 2014, Self Publish Riga
> »Bitume Photobook« 2014 in Lecce (Italy) 
> at the »Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013« and also shown at »Hagiso Gallery« (Tokyo) 
> published in »Max Joseph« (the magazine of the Bayerische Staatsoper) – a special issue of the Munich Opera Festival 2013.
> published in issue #6 of »DER GREIF«. Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature with a focus on photography.
> The book has received an award in the 2012 International Photography Awards annual competition – 1. place in the category »book self-published, other«. International Photography Awards, Los Angeles
> featured in Co.DESIGN, Raum21- Fotografie aus Bielefeld, crap = good, and YET magazine
> some portraits were presented at THE FENCE at Photoville, Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York – summer-long outdoor exhibition 2012.
> shown in Leipzig, at the 5th Festival of Photography (23/06/2012 – 01/07/2012) – F/Stop Leipzig and also at the Photobookshow Brighton.
> »Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake« has been shortlisted for the International Photobook Dummy Award 2012, exhibited at the 5th International Photobook Festival,
»Le Bal«, Paris.